Doggie Daycare

Clean, safe, and supervised

A day at daycare is full of activities such as treat hunts, toy games, watching TV, playing with bubbles, just to name a few!

We provide a clean, safe, supervised off-lead environment for your dog where they have fun and exercise, daily games and stimulation as well as love, kisses and personal care.

Four indoor and outdoor areas

At Precious Paws, we treat the dogs as if they are our own; We create bonds with each and every dog and have one on one time to ensure your fur babies feel safe, secure and ultimately, have a super enjoyable experience at daycare.

We have large indoor and outdoor areas (4 total!), so rain or shine, your pup is ensured a fun-filled day!

We follow a routine here at Precious Paws.

Our dogs have a nap time in the middle of the day to ensure they don’t get too worn out, and
allows them to recharge for an exciting afternoon. Our puppies get extra naps to rest their
growing bodies.

Our big dogs and little dogs are kept separate at all times, safety is our top priority.

To attend daycare, all dogs must be:

  • At least 12 weeks old
  • Fully Vaccinated (including Canine/Kennel Cough)
  • Desexed by the age of 12 months (Unless arranged otherwise with us or your vet)
  • Regularly treated for Fleas & Worms

Fluff it Dog Grooming

Hey Everyone,

My names Karryn, as of the 27th of September I will be the proud owner of Fluff It Dog Grooming and the new friendly face in the salon at Precious Paws!

I am 27 years old and a senior dog groomer with over 8 years experience grooming all breeds to both pet and breed standards.

I grew up in Northland and started working with dogs when I was 12 after begging my parents (Dad) for a dog since I was young and not being allowed one! I am now currently based in Hamilton with my Partner and 12 year old Tibetan Spaniel Jack.

Over the years I have worked in boarding kennels, daycares, volunteered at the SPCA both in house and in out clinics, trained in dog husbandry and animal care, finding dog grooming and my true passion at 19.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know your pups, and if I am lucky enough to groom them you can rest assured they will be in the most loving of hands 🥰

See you all from the 27th!!